Private Pension Partners Investments


The executives of Private Pension Partners, through their families, holding companies, or personally own and control 11% of the contributed equity to date.

Since inception of P3’s first limited partnership in 2010m annualized total returns as calculated on Nav (Net Asset Value) equated to an average of 10.3% per annum.

Please check attached scanned document (Strategic Alliance)

Absolutely with at least Feeder Two LP and Feeder Three LP already in their planning phases. Long-term, the feeder fund structure will isolate new development opportunities on a project-by-project or site-by-site basis to ensure simplicity and focus of these short duration investment opportunities.

Yes, most certainly. Current 2021 market targets include GGH (Greater Golder Horseshoe) in Ontario, the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) , the GOA (Greater Ottawa Area) and select suburban nodes in Vancouver.

COVID Accelerating Change & Uncertainty – urbanization continues, fashion assets being disrupted, remote work tempers demand for office, and e-commerce shines on industrial.

Real estate developers must adapt management and development strategies to address increasing health, safety, spatial, and shared amenity demands. New is seen as better than old.

Purpose-built rentals are the darling of the Canadian investor pool but will face short term impacts due to weakened immigration and university student demand. Student and seniors living to be re-thought given health sensitivies peeled back by pandemic with the asset class buoyed by long-term slow down in home ownership.

Premium real estate investment opportunities remain difficult to find – price discovery ongoing (i.e. bond yields, prudence, or fear) in some asset classes.

Watch real estate that meets demands of single-family rentals, life sciences, self storage, and logisitcs.

Low interest rates fuelling demand and offsetting some economic risk.

“TOD” (Transit Oriented Development)

Believed to lead to denser, more diverse, and walkable mixed-use communities fiven the long-stranding need for cities to offer affordable and efficient transportation options to fuel growth

Private REIT’s

REITs are not just a collection of properties. It is a business enterprise with assets, people, and an operating platform with a capacity to attract talent, tenants, and capital.

15 minutes Cities

Being neighbourhoods that urban residents can meet most, if not all, of their daily needs such as schools, groceries, or gyms by walking or cycling. Cities whose planning departments adopt this policy framework have nenefitted.

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