Nicole Choy Promoted to Associate Vice President, Real Estate Capital (“P3I”)

The executive team at Private Pension Partners is very proud to announce the promotion of Nicole Choy to Associate Vice President, Real Estate Capital of Private Pension Partners Investments Inc.  Nicole’s responsibilities include leading investment portfolio forecasting, valuation and underwriting, the creation of key investment marketing documents, and building and maintaining investor relations on behalf of P3 Investment clients which includes Apartment Plus REIT, P3 Feeder Funds, and third party private placement accounts.

Private Pension Partners Investments Inc. (“P3I”) is a firm incorporated under the Canada Business Corporations Act with its head office in Winnipeg, Manitoba. P3I is registered under the category of “exempt market dealer” (EMD) in the provinces of Manitoba, British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Ontario. As an EMD, P3I acts as a dealer or an underwriter in connection with distributions of securities under prospectus exemptions such as the “accredited investor exemption” set forth in applicable securities legislation. P3I raises capital on behalf of real estate investment entities that are managed or controlled by affiliates of P3I as well as select third party private placement accounts.

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C: (204) 894-0052


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