Private Real Estate Investments

P3 Investments provides investment access to stable and professionally managed real estate portfolios

Private Pension Partners Investments Inc. (“P3 Investments”) forms part of the P3 Group of Companies and provides clients, investment professionals, and institutions with access to P3’s professionally managed private real estate investment vehicles.

P3 Investments helps investors achieve investment diversification through private market investments with real estate vehicles from a proven and experienced manager.

Investment Offerings

P3 Investments currently offers three (3) private investment offerings as detailed below:

Apartment Plus REIT (A+ REIT)

Multi-Family Private REIT
Equity Raise Status: Open

Feeder Two LP

Multi-Family Development LP
Equity Raise Status: Closed

Industrial One LP

Industrial Development LP
Equity Raise Status: Closed

P3 Investment Offerings


Kevin Prins, CPA, CA

President & UDP

Ryan Toth, CPA

Chief Compliance Officer

Tom Toni

Vice President, Investments
Don White Professional Headshot

Don White, CFA, CPA, CGA

Dealing Representative
Curtis Rebeck

Curtis Rebeck

Investment Associate

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The information on this website does not constitute, and should not be construed as, an offer to sell or a solicitation of an offer to purchase securities of any entity. Private Pension Partners Investments Inc. (“P3I”) is an exempt market dealer in all provinces of Canada (other than Quebec), was formed for the purpose of marketing and offering securities of real estate entities managed by the Private Pension Partners group of companies on a private placement basis. Securities will only be offered by P3I in jurisdictions in which such securities may be lawfully offered and sold and only to persons who make appropriate representations to P3I and the applicable issuer of the securities that they qualify as “accredited investors” within the meaning of applicable securities laws and who are resident in one of the provinces of Canada, other than the province of Quebec (and any other jurisdictions in which P3I may become registered in the future).